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Hiring a General Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Hiring a General Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Hiring a General Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Before embarking upon any remodeling task at home, you will need to look for a professional contractor who can handle the project efficiently. He will be the stepping stone to taking some of the most significant decisions regarding your home improvement or remodeling project. However, before you hire the first name that is on your list of contacts, consider the following questions that can be deal-breakers for you as well as your house:

  • What best describes the task at hand

This is significant to know since you will be describing your project to a general contractor in Fort Lauderdale, on the basis of which he would decide whether it is his area of specialization or not. It is also a good idea to be aware of what you are investing your money in and whether you are hiring the right person for it.

  • What type of project would you call this?

While you could generally classify your project as kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling tasks, specifying the type of project would help in acquiring the exact experience you are looking for. You can call the general contractor to your place and appoint him for a day to identify the type of project so that it is easy to map it all out later.

  • What type of works might be included in the project?

Your designer or general contractor might ask you the types of work that could be included in the project. You could have a number of things to deal with like flooring, painting, roofing, framing, siding, fencing, landscaping, plumbing, heating and cooling, foundation, insulation, electrical work etc.

The tasks of a general contractor, Fort Lauderdale

A general contractor in Fort Lauderdale is more of a project manager. He oversees the entire remodeling project or a brand new construction project. He facilitates, looks over and helps the completion of day-to-day tasks that keep the project within the deadline limits.

While your architect would make the base plan on which your house will be built or remodeled, a general contractor, Fort Lauderdale would review the plan and ensure that all necessary equipments, gadgets and accessories are in place before the work begins. He will also arrange for necessary permits and inspections so that the workflow is smooth without any interruptions later.

Most general contractors can deal with onsite tasks like carpentry and fencing etc but some prefer hiring sub-contractors to share a few tasks like plumbing, flooring, painting etc. A professional general contractor would always be onsite to ensure that there is continuous progress and productivity as far as work is concerned.

Know what to do

You cannot really do without a general contractor when it comes to renovation. This is why you will need to do a thorough research work as far as hiring the right general contractor is concerned. You will need to begin by inspecting the bids closely. Judge a contractor by the bid. Has the contractor been able to finish off the project in time? A late bid could signify standards of timing.

The next thing to do is to read references and call them up if possible. You need to be absolutely sure of the contractor’s reliability before investing money in him. You can also visit completed projects in and around the area of Fort Lauderdale so that you know what to expect from the general contractor you are hiring.

Reading the contract is the next most important thing. Look for clauses that are unclear in their meanings and get them specified so that there is no hassle later. The costs should be discussed beforehand so that last-minute additions can be avoided altogether.

A few questions to ask

While hiring a general contractor, Fort Lauderdale, do remember to ask the following questions:

  • How long has he been in the industry?
  • How many similar projects might he have handled?
  • Who will be working along him on the project?
  • What kind of qualities does he look for in his subcontractors?
  • Could he pass on the numbers of his references?
  • Is he licensed and insured?
  • What are the additional costs that could be incurred?
  • Could he offer a written estimate and then a final draft of the expenses?
  • What is the deadline that he can give you?
  • Are there any important concerns regarding the project?

These questions and their answers will take you a couple of steps forward while hiring a general contractor in Lauderdale. You will also need to be very specific about your home remodeling needs, which is why sharing your ideas with the contractor from Day 1 is a wonderful way to connect to him and make him see the possibilities.

Finding the right general contractor Fort Lauderdale is now easy! With JL Home Projects you have a huge selection as well as personal meetings that can help you choose the right materials for your home remodeling. Call our office at (561) 347-7274 or visit our showroom located at 257 E. Palmetto Pk. Rd, Boca Raton FL 33432.

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    10 Essential Tips For Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

    10 Essential Tips For Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

    10 Essential Tips For Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

    Is kitchen remodeling and renovation on your mind at the moment? While the end result with an organized and fully functional kitchen seems fascinating, the very task of initiating it in the first place could seem next to impossible. This is primarily because kitchen remodeling requires a detailed knowledge of what you need your space to be like while keeping in mind a number of things like storage, space, the small and the stuff, counter space, unrestricted work flow, budget and keeping options open for further renovation in the future. These could seem like a whole lot of work but once you have sorted it all out, it is simply about hiring the right person and the right team to do the job for you. Consider the following factors while kitchen remodeling in Boca Raton.

    Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

    1. Making your kitchen more efficient

    Have you ever wondered what makes your kitchen space more efficient? It is all about creating intelligent storage spaces that make working in the kitchen a convenient process. Never ignore small additional storage features like extra drawers, dividers, cabinets and pantry pullouts. These will prove to your saviors when there is need to store more for a get-together or a part that you can never plan enough for while remodeling your kitchen.

    1. Respect the kitchen work triangle

    The sink, the refrigerator and the stove are often referred to as the kitchen work triangle by designers, for a reason. These are your kitchen’s busiest areas and you need them quite frequently in attachment to each other. While getting your  done, ensure that your designer places these appliances in a way so as to maximize their productivity in relevance to each other.

    1. The importance of counter space

    Whether you need perfectly julienned carrots or finely diced zucchinis, your counter space is of utmost importance. While getting a remodeling done, ask your designer if he could add more counter space by using shelving supports or decorative corbels. You will never regret extending your countertop.

    1. If you are the DIY type

    While it is highly recommended that you get your kitchen remodeled by a professional, if you are essentially the DIY type, you will still need to consult a kitchen designer before you embark upon your project. He will be able to fine-tune your model plan and will also offer you effective tips and advice to make your project successful.

    1. Your budget

    While you can always aspire for a high-end kitchen, you need to keep your budget in mind. To begin with, you will need to create a budget and then allocate the money accordingly. Kitchen remodeling is an expensive affair in itself so always know how much you are ready to spend and keep a portion aside for miscellaneous expenses. You would be amazed to know that your kitchen cabinets alone will take up one-third of your entire budget.

    1. Consider your lifestyle

    Kitchen remodeling should be done on the basis of your lifestyle. If you and your family members spend a considerable time in the kitchen, ensure that you get the most of your kitchen space without overcrowding it. If cabinet storage is not your thing then you can always prefer to let your designer know about it beforehand. Since you would be spending a lump sum of money to remodel your kitchen, know what you expect from your space before investing.

    1. Fit everything in

    The kitchen is not only about your cabinets, storage spaces and equipments but also about fitting everything into the bigger picture. Wall color, flooring type, cabinet hardware and the rest of the decor needs to fit in together. While most people concentrate on one thing at a time, you would rather ask your designer for a complete layout of things before the remodeling begins.

    1. Choose your appliances at the beginning

    Once you have all your appliances in place, you would know how you want your cabinets designed. The length, breadth and width of gadgets and appliances come in handy while designing the storage spaces and countertops. A lot of people make the mistake of buying appliances at the end and then struggle with space issues.

    1. Storage solutions

    Your designer would have a catalogue of brand new storage solutions like super cabinets and pantries that can maximize the tiniest of kitchen spaces. If you feel that your kitchen is not accommodating enough, you can always choose these storage options that will go a long way in keeping your kitchen de-cluttered.

    1. Keep it fun

    Never miss out on the fun element in your kitchen. Keep a place for wall art that you or your designer can use to its maximum potential. Play with colors and textures that can add a sense of warmth and belonging because food is all about an act of togetherness.

    While you make a mental list of all these pointers, do remember to stop by at JL Home Projects for the best tips on kitchen remodeling, Boca Raton.

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      Finding a General Contractor Boca Raton

      Finding a General Contractor in Boca Raton

      Finding a General Contractor Boca Raton

      Irrespective of whether your home improvement project is small or big, you will always need to find a reliable contractor who is both experienced as well as competent in his field. Finding a skilled and qualified general contractor in Boca Raton could be a tedious task, especially if you are not aware of the factors to consider. Listed below are effective ways that could help you in finding the right person for your job at hand.

      general contractor boca raton

      • Ask people around you

      Friends, family members and colleagues are the people who will be able to recommend you a trusted pair of hands. If they have had a good experience, it is likely that you will too. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry will also be able to help with a list of general contractors in Boca Raton who are involved in home improvement projects. These people are likely to follow a strict set of rules and codes of conduct and will work as per the industry standards. A local building inspector can also help you find a reliable general contractor.

      • History and experience

      The next best thing after a reliable recommendation is the contractor’s history and his experience in the field. While there would be a number of contractors to take up your task, only a handful would suit your preferences. Make sure you hire the one that has a specialization in the matter he is about to take on.

      When you are looking for a general contractor in Boca Raton, always begin by taking a note of the individual’s work experience. Find out if he has worked in similar projects earlier and has dealt with similarly styled and aged homes so that he knows exactly where to begin.

      • Check professionalism

      This is a significant factor and will largely affect the workmanship as well as your task at hand. While recommendation is a great way to begin, it is important that you get a reference from the contractor’s past job sites. This will give you a clearer picture of how professional and responsible the contractor really is.

      Any professional contractor who has a clean history will never hesitate to give references and once he does, you could call up at his previous job sites and enquire about the experience. The factors that matter here are:

      1. Code of conduct

      Whether the contractor has an amiable personality and is open to suggestions from your end. A person who is not comfortable with suggestions and ideas from your end will always have a problem adjusting in the work field.

      1. Punctuality

      This is very important since arrival on time will make a whole lot of difference to the total amount of time taken to complete the project. You will need to be sure that the contractor is punctual enough so that the rest of your schedule does not get affected.

      1. Transparency

      The general contractor should be transparent about the cost of the project from the very first day. You will need to be sure of it by asking those for whom he has worked in the past. A lot of contractors tend to add last-minute costs that are unaccounted for. If the person has such a record, you would rather avoid hiring him.

      1. Respecting time

      You will also need to be sure of whether the contractor has finished projects on time or not. This is important since it will decide by when your home is ready for further work and if he has a track record of delaying work, it suggests unprofessionalism. This will also go on to decide the final cost of the project and unnecessary delays will incur unnecessary costs.

      1. Standard of work

      Your contractor’s references would also be able to tell you if his work was as per their standard or not. You will have a certain set of expectations that should be followed and fulfilled, if the contractor is efficient enough.

      While looking for a general contractor, Boca Raton, you will also need to take a look at his portfolio. A portfolio will include his past experiences along with photographs of his work. This will help you to be doubly sure of his standard of work. Once you are sure of whether his work quality meets your standard of expectations, you will be comfortable in handing over your property for renovation.

      While there are a number of options to choose from, JL Home Projects will always be one step ahead as a general contractor in Boca Raton. Whether you are looking for a partial repair or a long-term project and renovation, you will never be disappointed with the reference you receive. With the kind of knowledge and expertise we have in the field of home improvement, we will suggest only the best for your remodeling purposes. Call us today (561) 347-7274 or visit our showroom 257 E. Palmetto Pk. Rd. – Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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      Kitchen trends for 2016 – Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

      Kitchen trends for 2016

      Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton Trends for 2016

      The kitchen is the central room in the house where food is not only prepared, but also sometimes eaten with family and friends. So it does make sense that you would like to renovate and remodel your kitchen in the most fashionable way so that it looks appealing and sharp. There are various ways to renovate your kitchen having all the necessary equipments and utensils apart from looking trendy. Below are some of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends in Boca Raton for 2016.


      general contractor boca raton | kitchen-remodeling-boca-raton

      • Contemporary Kitchens: – Contemporary style is gaining popularity over time. These types of kitchens contain a lot of pans, gadgets, utensils and pots and are usually spacious to include all necessary things within easy reach. The countertops may be of marble, concrete, limestone, stainless steel or granite. Frosted cabinets give a more modern look, but are a bit expensive as compared to the painted ones that look simple and nice. For a more colourful look, select a vibrant floor finish.


      • Transitional Kitchens: – Transitional style kitchens fall between traditional and contemporary styles. They come in a wide variety and mix man-made and natural materials, textures and finishes. It usually involves light colour palette with bamboo flooring and showcasing the appliances. This has been popular for a long time and will continue to be trendy in the future.


      • Traditional Kitchens: – There has always been huge demand for traditional style kitchens that is unlikely to disappear completely in 2016. For a vintage home, this style is best suited for the kitchen to maintain the harmony of the house. For a traditional look, lighting is much more functional with almost neutral countertops and backsplashes are of stones. Wood flooring is usually preferred and the appliances and utensils are not funky, instead they are definite.


      • Shaker Style Kitchens: – Shaker style kitchens are simple, clean, practical and elegant and may have either a modern look or a traditional one. Shaker kitchens have balanced frame with an inset panel design. It gives a minimalist look and has an uncluttered aspect. Shaker style kitchens are quite trendy, especially for those who do not want a complete transitional look.


      • Open Plan Kitchens:- Open plan kitchens are ideal for social get together as they form the hub of the home, providing for huge space to cook, eat, relax and socialise. These are suitable mostly for busy present-day lifestyles as they provide freedom in terms of space and easy access to the garden for a lively experience while cooking or eating. This will definitely be trendy in the future as one can efficiently indulge in multi-tasking in today’s world.


      The kitchen being the most sociable place of the house should look exciting and appealing apart from being functional. Dinner parties, get-togethers, or holidays all centre around the kitchen, hence people invest in trendy ideas for kitchens to make them look the best. Nowadays people are busy with their lifestyles so having a place for effective multi-tasking is a great idea for enjoying with family and friends.

      If you need a kitchen remodeling in Boca Raton, you can count with the #1 General Contractor in Boca Raton JL Home Projects. Call today for a free estimate 561-347-7274

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        Kitchen Remodeling Boca Raton

        Kitchen being the busiest place in the house, good kitchen flooring is an extremely important idea to think about and invest in. It is usually advisable to select the floor and the cabinetry at the same time for blending the materials and colour together so as to give a nice appeal. However, the floorings that are used today are less durable. Hence, one should invest in flooring that functions well. There is a wide range of beautiful materials and styles available for making your kitchen floor look overwhelming. Below are some of the great ideas for getting the beautiful kitchen remodeling Boca Raton:


        • Wood Kitchen Flooring: – Wood is widely preferred by most people while selecting flooring ideas as wood has a warm and unique look. It has a high-end appeal, but needs to be protected from moisture, so you should add an extra layer of finish to seal the wood. Wood is durable and looks attractive, but it requires to be refinished from time to time. Wood kitchen flooring may cost around $4 to $10 per square remodeling in boca raton
        • Bamboo Kitchen Flooring: – If you want environment-friendly material, then go for bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a great, sustainable kitchen flooring material and is completely durable with huge strength and capacity. The quality of this material depends on the warranty period so invest in a good brand with longest warranty. However, some of them may dent easily, so select good quality bamboo flooring from a reputable brand that is durable, eco-friendly, attractive and has a long warranty period.


        • Stone Kitchen Flooring: – Stone flooring is usually advisable for warm regions as it is naturally cool and provides an earthy look to the kitchen. There is a wide variety of stone flooring available in the market like marble, slate, travertine, etc. Stone flooring is durable, hard and easy to clean. However, certain types need proper sealing as they may stain over time. If they are used in cold regions, then sub-floor radiant heat is required to be added to warm the kitchen floors.


        • Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of designs and textures and is quite easy to install except for the sheet vinyl that needs to be installed by experts. Vinyl kitchen flooring is great for water resistance and is available at reasonable prices ranging from $1 to $5 per square foot. However, it can gouge easily and needs a perfect subfloor to install on.


        • Concrete Kitchen Flooring: Concrete flooring gives a modern look and is available in a wide variety of styles. It is completely durable, moisture resistant and can resist the busiest kitchens’ activities. Concrete can be stained, waxed, polished and even customized according to personal preferences. However, it requires re-stealing and if it is installed in cold regions, then additional radiant floor heating would be required to be installed beneath the concrete to keep the floor warm in winters.



        Kitchen flooring should be one that is durable, can resist long periods of standing and other activities. So, when it comes to beautiful kitchen flooring ideas, there are various stylish choices available that are affordable and are worth installing to accomplish a beautiful kitchen remodeling Boca Raton.

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          general contractor boca ratonAll of us lead an extremely busy life today with hardly any time to relax and engage in any recreational activities. After a hectic day at work, if you come back home and find it completely disorganised and chaotic, then hardly can you expect any relaxation at home. Hence, you must ensure that your surrounding environment is peaceful and calm. The most essential way to find relaxation is by creating a calm environment at home. Here are some discussed ways and elements by which you can create a relaxing space in your home.   


            • Simplicity:-  The first thing that you should keep in mind while creating a relaxing space at home is not to go for a complete makeover of the room, but to keep it simple and clean. The easiest method of creating a stress-free atmosphere is to simplify your room by being structured and minimalistic.


            • De-clutter:- A completely messy room will distract you and keep you unfocused. Remove any unnecessary paper or utensils from the desk and racks. Remove unused clothes while you de-clutter your closet to keep it neat and clean. This will help you in relaxing and having an organised life.


            • Avoid technology: – Bringing your work back to home is a harmful idea and will keep you occupied and disturbed as you have to check your emails, messages and phone calls constantly. So, try to keep your space free of any technology. Instead, indulge in reading books or taking a soothing shower. This will provide you calmness and relaxation and will also keep you healthy as the electronic devices emit blue light which will hamper your sleep quality and melatonin production.


            • Promote Nature: – Plants are a great way to instigate relaxation. Planting trees will re-oxygenate the air inside your home and give you intense relief naturally. Plants and flowers have various medicinal benefits and will be helpful in de-stressing the atmosphere and giving your inner peace and calm.  


            • Keep the room colourful: – Colour is a fundamental part in renovating your home to create a relaxing space, whether painting walls, selecting art and furniture, or installing flooring. Colour plays an important role in changing your mood and providing tranquillity.  Blue reduces stress, green symbolizes Mother Nature and gives a refreshed vibe, violet provides inner peace, pink creates calmness and white provide tranquillity and peace of mind. So, investing in light coloured wall paint will naturally lift your spirit and keep you relaxed.


            • Sensory environment: – Scent can accord to the mood of a room. Candles are inexpensive, decorative and help in setting the tone of a room easily. Fragrances like sage and jasmine are soothing and peaceful. However, do not invest in pungent perfumes and scents as they do not help in creating a relaxing environment.  




          Spending time to de-stress your home and creating a relaxing atmosphere will naturally cut back on the pressure you get while working the whole day and will help in boosting your mood and health. Creating a relaxing space will keep you physically well, reduce your tension and provide you with a peace of mind.

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            Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

            Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

            2016 is said to be the year when it is out with the timeworn and in with the fresh.  While usually referring to personal peculiarity, the same interest could also be directed at kitchen renovation projects. The kitchen is the heart of any home according to many homeowners. It is the place where the whole family gathers, a place where they work as one to prepare meals. Updating your kitchen could be the most gratifying and cost efficient renovation plan you can perform.

            A kitchen facelift is a plan that could last the lifetime of your home, so ensure you benefit from the newest trends to make sure the work you carry out today will benefit your family and increase the resale value of your home in the coming years. Designers and homebuilders suggest that today’s new houses will be more eco-sensitive and cater to casual living. The modern kitchen is not just a place where the food is prepared, but also a space of entertainment and family bonding. Older homes or older houses being refurbished will frequently feature a roomy open floor project. This inviting room pleases the desire for connecting and gathering with loved ones. Open rooms could also be easily changed into other uses like including dining, foyer as well as living functions.

            The modern kitchen will feature some ways to put in a personal touch, which not just serves a useful purpose but also puts in a level of personality to the room. Some of the popular useful trends designers preferred include the use of cook tops, open shelving, under counter options like specialized drawers for wine, your microwave and fridge. The use of pot fillers and pull out faucet remains popular.

            Modern homeowners are far more eco-sensitive than previous generations. Energy saving lighting, more effective dishwashers, induction cooking, steam oven, under counter vegetable keepers, dedicated drawers to hold saving as well as lifestyle preferences are very much popular. Today’s kitchen will increasingly serve as the control center of the home. It’s the place where family manages hectic schedule, share daily events and many more.

            Technology also brings eco-friendly features into kitchen renovation style like Low E-Windows as well as low flow faucet. Making a home smarter with Wi-Fi enabled appliances which relay maintenance information to the maker and the homeowners is the latest trend in home renovation project. Don’t forget the Energy Star rated appliances.

            Simple color also works into an efficient 2016 kitchen renovation. Modern trends of colors are soft, move far from the stark whites in favor of neutral palettes with simply a hint of shade like lavender, gold, raisin, green and blue. Stained, painted as well as matter finishes are gradually mixed with timber, normally in earth colors which include chiffon yellows, muted green as well as browns, blacks and grays. Through using colors efficiently, the kitchen renovation allows the area to flow more naturally, which creates a refreshing and appealing effect.

            Kitchen renovations are something that is exceptional to the properties and the demands of the homeowners. As varied as creativity and technology permit, a properly planned kitchen refurbishing will improve your living experience and provide genuine value to your property when a future sale is being considered.

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              Why Choose Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen

              Why Choose Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen

              With numerous selections of kitchen countertop materials available in the market today, it’s quite difficult for homeowners to pick the best one. One of the well-known and widely used materials is quartz. This manufactured product provides sophisticated look on your kitchen. Since this is manufactured, it allows wider assortment of colors compared to natural stones like granite and marble. The appearance is luxurious and rich. The finishing presents depth which cannot be shaped with sold surface material like Corian.

              Quartz has similar durability with granite and concrete, but a little forgiving –meaning, it won’t crack or chip easily. In addition, it does not have the same hardness in feel which some individuals find unpleasant. Like other well known hard-surface countertop materials, this is non porous. It has the ability to resist stains and stands-up to oil, coffee, tomato, wine and other stain sources in your kitchen. When it comes to cleanliness, non-porous surface means that it won’t harbor viruses and bacteria. As a wife and a mother, you can be confident that your loved ones are given clean, delicious meals every day.

              Kitchen remodeling Boca Raton offer dependable and classy kitchen countertop that will make you enjoy cooking the entire day. Below are some of the feature and benefits of quartz:

              1. Fascinating Looks. For numerous buyers, natural luster is the main benefits of quartz countertop. Not like laminate, quarts possess deep and almost 3D appearance similar to natural stone. The appearance largely depends on size of used quartz granules. Finer quartz granules provide consistent appearance, while larger granules create speckled look similar to common granite countertops. This is available in wide assortment of colors from bold bright colors, neutral earth tones to everything in between. Quartz matches your personal taste, making you happier and more confident.
              2. Hardness. This material makes a reliable work surface because it’s extremely hard. Quartz is composed of materials contested with “solid surface counters” which are estimated 33 percent inorganic binding resin and 66 percent organic minerals. Quartz is less “vulnerable” to cracking and chipping from hard falling objects. Furthermore, this is also scratch-resistant from normal wear-and-tear. If you accidentally lose grip of the knife while cutting-up vegetables, you don’t need to worry about unsightly scratches. Bear in mind that quartz is not “scratch proof” but “scratch resistant”.  With extreme sum of force and weight, you can still damage and cause unsightly marks on your quartz kitchen countertop.
              3. Few (if any) Imperfections. Installers have easier time working with quartz because it produces fewer waste products and a very predictable material. Quartz can resist “short heat exposure” without any damage to the surface; however, prolonged exposure to heat can still cause cracking because of fast change in temperature. To prevent this, use trivet or hot pad under griddle or crock pot.
              4. Cost. Since not all homeowners have sufficient budget for their kitchen renovations, you must choose materials that can best value your money. Compared to exotic granite, quartz are less expensive. You do not have to compromise great look using affordable price.
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                How to Plan the Master Bedroom for your Dreams

                How to Plan the Master Bedroom for your Dreams

                How much comfort do you get from your masters bedroom? In spite of the floor space, your master bedroom functions more as sanctuary to single person or couple who sleep there. This must suggest that amazing and convenient feeling and you must love it. Remember that some priorities of your life take shape in this room. This gives you comfort, energy and new reason to wake up. The bedroom is your personality’s reflection; this must address your need and your partner as well (if any).


                general contractor boca raton

                When designing or remodeling your master bedroom, make sure to enclose yourself with convenience and comfort. After spending entire day working, having cozy room is essential to restore energy and bring back positive outlook in life.  Integrate major elements like color scheme, lighting and furniture to create functional, coherent and personal space. Before your start designing your bedroom, you need to assess your wants and needs so that elements of relaxation and rest are achieved.

                1. Preferably it must be free from children playing, television, games and more. Rather than creating one common space, you can divide it to accommodate style and need of your partner. Majority of couples separate bathrooms but if the space and cost are your consideration, you can simply add storage space and twin sinks. Candles, pitchers of water, blankets, books, music and lighting are some of the things you need to refresh and relax. Feel free to add these things for increased comfort.
                2. Majority of homeowners like better matched furniture. However they are looking for more eclectic and personalized look by mismatching the pieces. Trends let your cater every piece to your lifestyle; when mixing furniture try choosing pieces which have common elements such as accents, wood or finish.
                3. Lighting is very essential in interior home design particularly in bedroom where proper lighting is essential for aesthetics and function. You can add warm, soft lighting to encourage relaxation. This also mimics the sunlight during winter darker months. Addition to the overhead light, task lighting is also essential for bedside tables, sitting areas, walk in closets, and other inadequately traditional lit spaces. When creating a relaxing night is your priority, consider controlling lighting with dimmer switch.  If your room receives excessive sunlight in the morning, consider covering windows with shutters and heavy curtains.
                4. There are numerous color schemes appropriate for mood that you want to inspire. Cool color scheme for an instance is commonly utilized to encourage sense of tranquility while warm color scheme is ideal if you want to feel energized while inside your room. Consider neutral color scheme if you want to emphasize particular element.
                5.  Bear in mind that the style of your room must not compete with the style of other rooms and architectural elements within your home. Having style that totally mismatches your home style, try striking some balance by incorporating numerous elements of style within your master bedroom.
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                  How to Avoid Costly Home Remodeling Mistakes

                  PROJECT DESCRIPTION

                  Remodeling takes substantial investment, energy and time. Regardless if you have tight or sufficient budget, the last thing you want is paying more than what you have anticipated. You must be cautious to avoid unnecessary expenses and prevent yourself by being caught off guard.

                  general contractor boca raton

                  Remodeling does not mainly require money, but necessitate proper preparation to avoid mistake and unhealthy operating cost. Below are some of the common remodeling errors that you can avoid with the help of general contractor Boca Raton:

                  • When it comes to home improvement, you probably have ideas of what exactly you want to do, but if you have limited budget its best to come up with priority list. If you’re planning to move years from now or simply improve home value, its best to concentrate on changes that can provide resale value than initial project expenditure. You must consider placing higher priority on MUST DO projects like major repairs and lower your priority on simple wants such as wood floors. Make sure to consider your future wants and needs. In addition, you must also conduct improvement that can potentially lessen your household expenses such as installing energy efficient windows to lower your monthly utility bills.
                  • When selecting and deciding for home improvement project, budget is one of your basic considerations. Determine the amount of money your willing to spend and consider using 80% of that money as your “base budget” while leaving 20% to cover additional costs which might pop-up.
                  • You must never fail to plan. Giving your general contractor with more detailed project plan could mean ending up with accurate bid, realistic and practical price point. Make sure to remain involve. Your participation and presence is essential since contractors cannot read your mind. Tell them what you want and what you expect. Do you want to take something out or add? As much as possible, visit the site everyday to see progress and find-out why other things are not finish that day. You don’t have to scold your general contractor, but understand what causes the delay of your project. Through this, you can avoid unnecessary error and miscommunications.
                  • If you don’t have the knowledge and ability to do the project on your own, make sure to look for a person/group that can provide fast and quality service. Check if they are licensed, properly insured and experienced. Before handing out the money you must thorough review the content of the contract to avoid serious problem in the future. The contract must include project details, scope of work, timeline, type of materials to be use, deadline of payment and more. When you’re contented with it, get ready for work.

                  Home improvement is indeed a tough job. With the help of general contractor in Boca Raton, you will have more confident that your home looks more beautiful and will obtain increased value. A general contractor is a professional that have essential knowhow, skills, experience, training and up to date equipment to do the job. They can exceed client’s expectation resulting to more repeat clients and projects.

                  We are licensed general contractors ready to rock your project! Call us today to schedule your appointment (561) 347-7274

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