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Impact windows replacement Fort Lauderdale – Prepare your home against hurricanes

Impact windows replacement Fort Lauderdale – Prepare your home against hurricanes

If you have been hit by the recent hurricane Irma and it is looking to replace your regular windows and doors for impact windows and doors, which will provide the protection your home needs in all types of unpredictable weather conditions, JL Home Projects is here to help you. There is a certain class of windows known as the hurricane windows or impact windows. These are mainly intended to be used in hurricane-prone areas and can protect the house against the impact of strong winds. These look just like the normal windows and are manufactured in an eco-friendly way. Due to their strong and sturdy built, they can safeguard your house against the brutal forces of nature as well as unwanted intruders.

hurricane impact windows Fort LauderdaleImpact windows are very practical and cost-effective. Knowing that your house is well protected, you can have a peace of mind at all times. They are also the best way to protect your
house against hurricanes without raking a huge sum in the bills. The windows are made out of premium grade glass along with a few other additives for greater strength and efficiency. The material is also quite durable and an one-time installation can last you several years or perhaps a lifetime. Impact windows are also very easy to operate, clean and maintain.


Other benefits of impact windows Apart from safeguarding your house against the high-velocity winds and flying debris during hurricanes,  they can also have a number of other benefits. Listed below are a few of them:

1. They insulate the house, thereby reducing the cost for cooling and heating by a significant degree
2. They also act as noise insulators, reducing almost 50% of the noise from outside
3. Unlike regular windows, impact windows can prevent the fading of curtain fabric
4. Installation of impact windows allows you to save up on home insurance
5. Protects the house against airborne diseases
6. Increases the home value


Since violent weather does not show up with a prior notice, it is a necessity to have your house prepared. JL Home Projects has now started installing impact windows all over Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Call us today for a free estimate 561-347-7274

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    Hurricane Impact Windows Boca Raton

    Hurricane Impact Windows Boca Raton – The benefit of choosing them

    hurricane impact windows boca ratonThe recent hurricanes have caused massive destruction all around Boca Raton and complete restorations could still take some time. The total damage has amounted to millions of dollars. So this time, it would be wise for the residents to go for additional reinforcements to their property. This can provide better protection towards high-velocity winds and hurricanes of all intensities. Installing hurricane shutters and impact windows can benefit the property owners in a number of ways. These are a one-time installation and once you put them up, your house remains protected for years to come.


    The benefits of choosing impact windows for hurricane-prone zones:

    1. Reduction in the energy bills. The most important role of impact windows is to protect the house against flying debris and rattling winds. However, these windows also seem to have a number of other benefits and one of them is the reduction in energy bills. Since impact windows provide very effective heat insulation, it can help you save up on the energy bill during all seasons.

    2. UV protection. Impact windows can filter out the UV light, thus protecting your furniture and upholsteries from early discoloration.


    3. Noise reduction. Impact windows can efficiently filter out the outside din caused by busy traffic as well as high-velocity winds.


    4. Premium discounts After the recent massive scale loss, homeowners are opting for higher protection during the restoration. This has led to the companies offering good discounts on insurance premiums.


    5. Highly functional Unlike the aluminum shutter that needs to be pulled down whenever there is a looming threat, impact windows can be left by themselves. They are strong enough to keep out all the objects striking against them and provide full protection at all times.

    For high security and superior selection, you can consult JL Home Projects 561-347-7274 which has been actively assisting in the restoration process. Hiring the professionals will get your job done in a more efficient manner.

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      When Is It The Right Time To Remodel Your House?

      When Is It The Right Time To Remodel Your House?

      There are many occasions you would want to change the look of your house. It can be the entire house or just the kitchen or even the living area. A simple remodeling of any of these spaces can give an entirely new look to your home. But then comes the question, when is the

      right time to think about a remodeling?

      Many homeowners are confused and really do not know when to execute a home remodeling. However, major renovations and changes require a great deal of time and investment. So, if you have budgeted for both your time and effort, then you can start remodeling at any

      time of the year.

      5 Signs that indicate it’s time to remodel your home:

      A growing family

      A few years into a marriage, when children come along, the need of remodeling your house comes up. It may be an extra bedroom or an entirely new house to suit the needs of the children. If the number of family members outnumbers the rooms, then remodeling is a sure thing

      that can solve this problem. The changing needs of the family is also an indication of remodeling the house.

      Completely outdated

      For some reason or the other, when your home hasn’t seen a major change in the interiors, it looks as if it has been outdated and belongs somewhere in the past. It is like as if your house was left behind in the time capsule. Think of this time as the right time to remodel your

      house with bright new fresh designs that can give an entirely new look to your home. This is your chance to give it the contemporary and modern new look.

      Structural changes

      Any structural changes, be it in the building or the wiring or the plumbing, it requires a home remodeling. At times these are changes that you have to incorporate immediately, whether you like it or not. Otherwise, the entire structure could be in danger. If there are cracks, they

      need to be addressed. If the frames of the windows are falling off, it is time to replace them. And if there is a termite infestation, the problem has to be addressed before the entire house gets termite infected.

      When the family shrinks

      Adding new rooms and remodeling is one end of the spectrum. But when the children move out, it then becomes the other end of the spectrum. Remodeling the house then becomes imperative to create more gathering spaces or even to use the existing space effectively. The extra

      bedrooms can be changed to make it a library or even a meeting parlor. You can even remodel it and make it into a state of the art home theater room. The ideas are innumerable. Changing the house to suit to your retired life and making it the kind of home that you have

      ever wanted can be achieved with some really good changes to the interiors of the house.

      When you can change

      When there are extra funds that you have been saving, you can think of remodeling your house. When there is a lifestyle change, a home makeover is also essential. Remodeling the house to suit your goals and lifestyle will then be imperative. All this requires sufficient funds and

      planning. A well-planned home makeover will increase the scope and bring out satisfactory results.

      Finally, home remodeling projects can range from small changes to big changes. If it is a big structural change, it is best to consult a professional remodeling company like JL Home Projects that can give you a fair idea of the process and makes your renovation a completely

      refreshing experience. Call us today for a free estimate 561-347-7274

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        Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

        Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

        2016 is said to be the year when it is out with the timeworn and in with the fresh.  While usually referring to personal peculiarity, the same interest could also be directed at kitchen renovation projects. The kitchen is the heart of any home according to many homeowners. It is the place where the whole family gathers, a place where they work as one to prepare meals. Updating your kitchen could be the most gratifying and cost efficient renovation plan you can perform.

        A kitchen facelift is a plan that could last the lifetime of your home, so ensure you benefit from the newest trends to make sure the work you carry out today will benefit your family and increase the resale value of your home in the coming years. Designers and homebuilders suggest that today’s new houses will be more eco-sensitive and cater to casual living. The modern kitchen is not just a place where the food is prepared, but also a space of entertainment and family bonding. Older homes or older houses being refurbished will frequently feature a roomy open floor project. This inviting room pleases the desire for connecting and gathering with loved ones. Open rooms could also be easily changed into other uses like including dining, foyer as well as living functions.

        The modern kitchen will feature some ways to put in a personal touch, which not just serves a useful purpose but also puts in a level of personality to the room. Some of the popular useful trends designers preferred include the use of cook tops, open shelving, under counter options like specialized drawers for wine, your microwave and fridge. The use of pot fillers and pull out faucet remains popular.

        Modern homeowners are far more eco-sensitive than previous generations. Energy saving lighting, more effective dishwashers, induction cooking, steam oven, under counter vegetable keepers, dedicated drawers to hold saving as well as lifestyle preferences are very much popular. Today’s kitchen will increasingly serve as the control center of the home. It’s the place where family manages hectic schedule, share daily events and many more.

        Technology also brings eco-friendly features into kitchen renovation style like Low E-Windows as well as low flow faucet. Making a home smarter with Wi-Fi enabled appliances which relay maintenance information to the maker and the homeowners is the latest trend in home renovation project. Don’t forget the Energy Star rated appliances.

        Simple color also works into an efficient 2016 kitchen renovation. Modern trends of colors are soft, move far from the stark whites in favor of neutral palettes with simply a hint of shade like lavender, gold, raisin, green and blue. Stained, painted as well as matter finishes are gradually mixed with timber, normally in earth colors which include chiffon yellows, muted green as well as browns, blacks and grays. Through using colors efficiently, the kitchen renovation allows the area to flow more naturally, which creates a refreshing and appealing effect.

        Kitchen renovations are something that is exceptional to the properties and the demands of the homeowners. As varied as creativity and technology permit, a properly planned kitchen refurbishing will improve your living experience and provide genuine value to your property when a future sale is being considered.

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          Why Choose Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen

          Why Choose Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen

          With numerous selections of kitchen countertop materials available in the market today, it’s quite difficult for homeowners to pick the best one. One of the well-known and widely used materials is quartz. This manufactured product provides sophisticated look on your kitchen. Since this is manufactured, it allows wider assortment of colors compared to natural stones like granite and marble. The appearance is luxurious and rich. The finishing presents depth which cannot be shaped with sold surface material like Corian.

          Quartz has similar durability with granite and concrete, but a little forgiving –meaning, it won’t crack or chip easily. In addition, it does not have the same hardness in feel which some individuals find unpleasant. Like other well known hard-surface countertop materials, this is non porous. It has the ability to resist stains and stands-up to oil, coffee, tomato, wine and other stain sources in your kitchen. When it comes to cleanliness, non-porous surface means that it won’t harbor viruses and bacteria. As a wife and a mother, you can be confident that your loved ones are given clean, delicious meals every day.

          Kitchen remodeling Boca Raton offer dependable and classy kitchen countertop that will make you enjoy cooking the entire day. Below are some of the feature and benefits of quartz:

          1. Fascinating Looks. For numerous buyers, natural luster is the main benefits of quartz countertop. Not like laminate, quarts possess deep and almost 3D appearance similar to natural stone. The appearance largely depends on size of used quartz granules. Finer quartz granules provide consistent appearance, while larger granules create speckled look similar to common granite countertops. This is available in wide assortment of colors from bold bright colors, neutral earth tones to everything in between. Quartz matches your personal taste, making you happier and more confident.
          2. Hardness. This material makes a reliable work surface because it’s extremely hard. Quartz is composed of materials contested with “solid surface counters” which are estimated 33 percent inorganic binding resin and 66 percent organic minerals. Quartz is less “vulnerable” to cracking and chipping from hard falling objects. Furthermore, this is also scratch-resistant from normal wear-and-tear. If you accidentally lose grip of the knife while cutting-up vegetables, you don’t need to worry about unsightly scratches. Bear in mind that quartz is not “scratch proof” but “scratch resistant”.  With extreme sum of force and weight, you can still damage and cause unsightly marks on your quartz kitchen countertop.
          3. Few (if any) Imperfections. Installers have easier time working with quartz because it produces fewer waste products and a very predictable material. Quartz can resist “short heat exposure” without any damage to the surface; however, prolonged exposure to heat can still cause cracking because of fast change in temperature. To prevent this, use trivet or hot pad under griddle or crock pot.
          4. Cost. Since not all homeowners have sufficient budget for their kitchen renovations, you must choose materials that can best value your money. Compared to exotic granite, quartz are less expensive. You do not have to compromise great look using affordable price.
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            How to Plan the Master Bedroom for your Dreams

            How to Plan the Master Bedroom for your Dreams

            How much comfort do you get from your masters bedroom? In spite of the floor space, your master bedroom functions more as sanctuary to single person or couple who sleep there. This must suggest that amazing and convenient feeling and you must love it. Remember that some priorities of your life take shape in this room. This gives you comfort, energy and new reason to wake up. The bedroom is your personality’s reflection; this must address your need and your partner as well (if any).


            general contractor boca raton

            When designing or remodeling your master bedroom, make sure to enclose yourself with convenience and comfort. After spending entire day working, having cozy room is essential to restore energy and bring back positive outlook in life.  Integrate major elements like color scheme, lighting and furniture to create functional, coherent and personal space. Before your start designing your bedroom, you need to assess your wants and needs so that elements of relaxation and rest are achieved.

            1. Preferably it must be free from children playing, television, games and more. Rather than creating one common space, you can divide it to accommodate style and need of your partner. Majority of couples separate bathrooms but if the space and cost are your consideration, you can simply add storage space and twin sinks. Candles, pitchers of water, blankets, books, music and lighting are some of the things you need to refresh and relax. Feel free to add these things for increased comfort.
            2. Majority of homeowners like better matched furniture. However they are looking for more eclectic and personalized look by mismatching the pieces. Trends let your cater every piece to your lifestyle; when mixing furniture try choosing pieces which have common elements such as accents, wood or finish.
            3. Lighting is very essential in interior home design particularly in bedroom where proper lighting is essential for aesthetics and function. You can add warm, soft lighting to encourage relaxation. This also mimics the sunlight during winter darker months. Addition to the overhead light, task lighting is also essential for bedside tables, sitting areas, walk in closets, and other inadequately traditional lit spaces. When creating a relaxing night is your priority, consider controlling lighting with dimmer switch.  If your room receives excessive sunlight in the morning, consider covering windows with shutters and heavy curtains.
            4. There are numerous color schemes appropriate for mood that you want to inspire. Cool color scheme for an instance is commonly utilized to encourage sense of tranquility while warm color scheme is ideal if you want to feel energized while inside your room. Consider neutral color scheme if you want to emphasize particular element.
            5.  Bear in mind that the style of your room must not compete with the style of other rooms and architectural elements within your home. Having style that totally mismatches your home style, try striking some balance by incorporating numerous elements of style within your master bedroom.
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              Choosing the Right Materials for your Remodeling Projects

              Choosing the Right Materials for your Remodeling Projects

              If you want to save a huge amount on your remodeling project, you need to use the best and most excellent materials for the said job. You have to make your own homework and you will be satisfied with the result.  Here are some tips to follow when choosing materials for your remodeling project.

              Kitchen Renovation

              After many years of use, your kitchen countertops could become gouged, scratched as well as marked. Replacing the work surfaces enhances the kitchen and provides a good space to cook your food at the same time.

              Best Countertops to Choose From

              Natural Store

              This material has turned out to be the preferred one of many homeowners. It is very durable and could last for many years. Aside from that, natural stone never goes out of style. It is heat resistant and porous as well. Limestones and marbles are two of the most sought after types of stones that are available in various patterns and colors.

              Cultured Stone

              This is a mixture of quartz and pigments that is planned to feel and look like natural stone. Cultured stones could be made in various textures and colors. The component is scratch and heat resistant as well as doesn’t have to be covered or sealed. It is also easy to maintain and does not stain. So, when you are looking for a material for your countertop renovation, cultured stone is the best choice.

              Bathroom Renovation

              When it is the time to pull in old flooring and decided to use stone or tile floor, think about using:

              Natural Stone Tile

              This kind of tile is not easy to maintain but they are durable. They have a tough subfloor under them for sustenance. Textured stones will stay slipping to least possible while keeping its natural beauty. The polished stone tile could be slippers and have to be covered in order to avoid marks and stains. Normally, stone is normally costly as opposed to ceramic.

              Ceramic Floor Tiles

              This kind of tiles is more diverse than wall tiles and textured in order to prevent slipping. Ceramic floor tiles are available in square, hexagonal and octagonal shapes. Various patterns and colors are accessible.

              Replacing Your Front Door

              The Front door is your home’s portal. When warped and worn, it could appear a bit scary. If you decided to replace that old door, consider using these options:

              Wood Doors

              Doors made of hard wood have a unique and typical look. Hardwood doors show character and warmth. Aside from that, it also offers superb insulation, but doors made of wood are costly and could warp. Modern kinds of wood door made of skin wood over a compound core reduce moisture absorption as well as warping.

              Doors Made of Fiberglass

              Fiberglass doors are a good solution to rough weather and humid climates. Its surface has the same look as the typical wood, but is filled with foam insulation and wood bracing on the inside. Fiberglass is maintenance free and backed by lifetime assurances.

              Warranties of the Materials

              With all the remodeling components you are planning, you have to know what is covered and the span of the coverage. A reasonable material might not be a remarkable deal when you need to replace it yearly. Consider looking at charts comparing main brands as well as their warranties.

              JL Home Projects it is a one stop shop for your remodeling needs in Boca Raton, FL. We are general contractors with more than 700 projects completed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your remodeling project.

              JL Home Projects – 257 E. Palmetto Pk Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432 – (561)347-7274

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                Great Bathroom Ideas for Boca Raton Residents

                Great Bathroom Ideas for Boca Raton Residents

                It is up to any Boca Raton residents to choose what design and overall appearance they wish for their bathroom.  Boca Raton residents could decide on an open or wider master bath that has a minimalist touch or one which is reminiscent of an old style like ornate bath and small powder rooms. Below are some great bathroom ideas for Boca Raton residents.

                Rich Accent to Soft Shade Tones

                Bathroom is known to display a clean style with a touch of familiar as well as welcoming comfort. Even if other Boca Raton residents have chosen the traditional and formal style which brings nonconcrete or abstract feel to their room, a lot have already turned away from the typical style and decided on a modular design that displays both style and function. A soft color shades such as olive green or taupe could be more attractive with blue or orange accents. The crucial thing here is to have a right amount and blend of intense soft tones and colors. The same with furnishing, a two bathroom vanity is relatively chic with rich blends of wood, ceramic as well as metal furnishing

                Built-In/ Box In

                Important in any stylish, clean as well as well-planned bathroom is the right storage for towels, hangers, laundry basket and other personal effects. When there is adequate room, designate a place for heavy cleaning items such as supplies, mops and vacuum cleaners. Built in wall units could keep all these stuffs boxed in as well as tidied up prior and after using. When there is a limit in the space, the best thing to do is to choose a stacking washer or make the most of the wall space through hanging racks, wire baskets or hooks used for holding lots of items. Double bathroom vanities could have lots of roomy drawers that have drawer organizers, which provide lots of room for your makeup and other beauty accessories. You can also opt to drawers that have a sliding mechanism for easy accessibility.

                Quality Air Circulation

                In all types of space, good circulation of air is the most significant factors. The bacteria and smell are things that you will want to keep away from inside your bathroom. Without good air circulation, there’ll be moisture, mold as well as bacteria builds up, which will make your bathroom unsafe and unclean for daily use. This can be prevented by installing an exhaust fan. It will lessen the moisture and offer the fresh air that your bathroom needs. You can also consider a humidifier in your bathroom renovation. There are great decorative furnishings that could add to the overall design of your bathroom and also offer a warm, earthy feeling to your space. With this bathroom renovation idea, you can enjoy a warm bubble bath and ease pressure with a tidy and welcoming bathroom with essential pieces as well as harmonious color tones.

                Listed above are just some of the great bathroom ideas for Boca Raton residents. For more information, you can visit our showroom located at 257 East Palmetto Pk Rd, Boca Raton FL 33432, a home improvement company near your place for the best and most cost-efficient ideas.

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                  Adding more space to small condos

                  general contractor boca ratonSmall condos are common in big cities. However, having less space doesn’t mean living in incommodious and uncomfortable manner. There are many creative options to provide smart solutions.

                  Choosing the piece of furniture, the color palette and other details are the first part of the task that has to be complemented with tricks that make the desired feeling of more space. Besides the decoration it ought to be – super pleasant – here are some nice tips for small condos:


                  Before you start shopping it is very important to get organized with all info concerning sizes and spaces. To avoid selecting large pieces of furniture that won’t fit your space. Therefore try to invest in smaller, separate components to not compromise the circulation. A clear and well setting will appear a lot of larger than it is. Understand that you simply will have the same result by adding colors and textures to the combo. The trick is to form a white base – or light-weight color you wish – and go adding colorful details, like flower vases, rugs and curtains in vivacious hues.


                  When the area is small, the best environments consists with lowest necessary piece of furniture. At these times, select wildcard components that simply unfold on many functions and might be moved  through the rooms with a small effort. A stool is used as a facet table within the room, support within the lounge and further seating at the board. Already associate upholstered ottoman table turns with the assistance of a receptacle.


                  Another way to add more space to your condo is choosing custom piece of furniture – planned known. As they’re created within the correct measuring of area, they optimize the foremost strange and unused corners. therefore you’ll earn a closet for a lot of storage.


                  Still thinking in optimizing areas, you could use the complete length of the wall – vertically and horizontally. Installing shelves and hooks to carry the organization, improve the setting practicality and let the attractive and attention-grabbing visual, this can be an excellent tip for kitchens, home offices and workshops.

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                  miele dealer boca raton

                  Why Buy a Miele Range? Miele Appliances in Boca Raton

                  Miele Appliances in Boca Raton

                  With no doubt, Miele


                  are the highest quality providing a top class product to your home. The fine points that separate the Miele appliances from any other.

                  For the Miele Range, the main focus is delivering accurate, stable, gourmet cooking results – compromise is basically not an option with regards to performance. Whether it’s our wireless roast probe providing ‘correct-to-the-minute’ program countdowns, our  Master Chef menu featuring 100 easy-to-use, automatic programs or our Moisture plus overall performance offering superior humidity distribution; marvelous results are going to be accomplished.

                  miele appliances boca raton


                  Miele Range provides you entire product depth and breadth, you can decide from different size configurations (30″, 36″ and 48″) and power configurations (dual fuel, gas, electric and induction). All aligning wonderfully with Generation 6000 built-in appliances in regards to design, function and user interface Miele’s new M Touch controls really are easy-to-operate and navigate. An intelligent swipe of this very screen can rapidly lead you to your current required selection. Whether choosing an automatic Chicken program or calling up each of these Favorites, the screen with give you a pleasing visual with convenient to read touch controls.


                  Increasing the humidity among the oven can enhance the cooking in the most wide variety of foods: soft bread by using a shiny, flavorful crust; dinner rolls and croissants that seen from the local baker; tender meat with the use of a nicely browned crust, perfect casseroles, delicious pastries and a whole lot.

                  Enjoy individualized and appropriate roasting of meat, fish and poultry using the wireless roast probe, which measures the main temperature and displays the ideal time remaining. No need to monitor the cooking process and simple to operate.

                  The M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System enables every one of the burners going on a Miele Range or Range Top to both simmer and sear. Regular burners reaching as many as 19,000 BTUs as well as having the True Simmer burner reaching a maximum of 12,000 BTU, supplies a large variety of precision temperatures for every single recipe.

                  Both present in the Gourmet Center, MasterChef enables you to select from over 100 easy-to-use programs for items which can include baked foods, pizza, turkey and a lot more making preparation a pleasant task. Miele will deliver menu options that assist you little by little onto the desired oven mode and temperature in making an ideal dish. MasterChef Plus Programs feature 15 Automatic bread programs bake just like coming from a bakery, guiding you in the direction of the appropriate mode, temperature, time as well as integration of Moisture Plus to provide a terrific bread.

                  JL Home Projects is a Miele dealer located in Boca Raton, FL. Stop by our showroom located at 257 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton Florida to see our Miele Appliances in Boca Raton.

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