Choose a Stunning Italian Kitchen by Arclinea in Boca Raton

Kitchen was once upon a time just a utilitarian space. In due course of time, it became a multi-utilitarian room. Cooking is not the only purpose anymore. Kitchens have now become dining areas. Some kitchen styles are also a place for a family to just spend some quality time, while all the prepping and cooking is done. Today, kitchens are supposed to be stylish, they must possess architectural elements that can be truly described as fantastic and the approach to sorting and organizing every item has also undergone a phenomenal transformation. These are the primary reasons why you should consider a stunning Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton.


Who is Arclinea?


The company is an Italian brand of kitchens. It designs, manufactures fascinating kitchens and sells them throughout the world. We have partnership with Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton to offer our clients the best option in Italian kitchens in Boca Raton. You can swing by our new showroom in East Boca Raton, Florida, and marvel at the spectacular kitchens on display.

Arclinea is headquartered in Caldogno, Italy. The company charted its course nearly a hundred years back. Silvio Fortuna Senior founded the company in 1925. It was a specialist wood workshop back then. It marked the resurgence of his family business, which was started by his great grandfather in 1816. For over three decades, Silvio worked with wood and later endorsed Swedish influences to make distinct furniture. The company made windows, doors and other types of furniture.


The first kitchen designed and manufactured by the company was called Thea. The year was 1958 and the kitchen was made of wood. In 1963, the company manufactured Claudia, the first ever kitchen with integrated electrical appliances. This paved the way for several unprecedented designs and models.


The popularity of Thea and Claudia was followed by Lena and Silvia. Lena came in light walnut. Silvia came in Italian walnut but with framed doors. Novia featured laminates. The consecutive success stories supported an expansion across Europe. By the seventies, Arclinea was a market leader in the continent. It made what was then referred to as the great European kitchen.


Arclinea continued on its glorious journey with one innovation after another. The designers came up with a system that connected the rest of the house to the kitchen in a versatile manner. It came up with well-structured furnishings. The brand redefined dimensions and spaces for kitchens. They replaced walls, conceptualized walk-through units and later perfected what came to be described as an ergonomic kitchen.


Arclinea designed the first free standing kitchens. Its designs became popular beyond Europe for their elegance by the mid-eighties. By the end of that decade, Arclinea had successfully communicated to families around Europe and beyond to regard the kitchen as the center of the house and not just a utilitarian room at any one side or some corner, figuratively of course.


Arclinea embarked on a global expansion spree in 1986 with its project in New York City. Over the next few years, the brand collaborated with many renowned architects and revolutionized the concept of kitchen. Such collaborations gave birth to the first professional home kitchen. The model was known as Italia. It was designed by Antonio Citterio. The maverick also designed a professional traditional kitchen called Mediterranea, a light kitchen called Florida, a free standing kitchen called Artusi and all these evolutions resulted in the formation of the popular Arclinea Collection.


Arclinea innovated again at the turn of the century, also the millennium. Convivium was designed by Antonio Citterio and manufactured by the company in their own facility. The kitchen was conceived and created for socializing. Before the decade was over, Arclinea came up with a material centric kitchen and called it Lignum ET Lapis. Then came the all-pervading kitchen called Spatia. An open air kitchen followed soon, known as Artusi Outdoor. A transversal kitchen called Gamma was introduced in 2013.


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Every renowned brand has an inspiring journey. Every great nation has an enticing history. The evolution of architecture in American homes is more captivating than the story of any one company or design. From the early seventeenth century to date, American homes have been styled, restyled, redefined, revolutionized and transformed in a myriad ways. The colonial houses made way for neoclassicism, shortly after the revolution. Then came the Victorian Era homes followed by the Gilded Age. Frank Lloyd Wright had a nearly nationwide influence and altered our understanding of and preferences for several aspects of architecture.

American homes or residential architecture endorsed many influences in the past hundred years. Indian bungalows, revivalists, the neo styles, cultural influences ushered in by immigrants, modernism, native American styles, homestead influences, industrial prefabrication, role of science and the tiny house movement have led to a vast variety of designs, both aesthetic and functional. The modern kitchen is as much about function as it is about aesthetics. It is also as much about space as it is about a distinct set of attributes. You can have all these and more with an Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton.