We are proud to announce our new partnership with Gessi Plumbing. Gessi Plumbing has been a pioneer and one of the market leaders in this niche for over two decades now. Acknowledged worldwide for its elegant products and unmatched durability, Gessi Plumbing should be a natural choice for your new house or home remodeling. Upgrading the plumbing infrastructure is usually a quintessential requisite during renovation. Gessi Plumbing makes it easy by offering you a plethora of stunning fittings. The brand also has an exclusive home collection for kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Not too long ago, plumbing was entirely about functionality. Every component had to do its job and it was deemed to be a suitable product. This is no longer the case today. Most homeowners want spectacular plumbing fixtures. The faucet should not be just reliably functional. It should add to the elegance of the bathroom, kitchen and utility area. There are innumerable types of showerheads available today that can make the routine more satiating than one may imagine. From holders to tubs, mixers to mirrors, shelves to valves and hooks to hoses, every component can contribute to the aesthetics of a bathroom. Likewise, kitchens too can be truly transformed with products of Gessi Plumbing.


Modernist designs are usually about minimalism. Distinct lines, fine edges and sharp physical characteristics have replaced the traditionalist abstracts. However, not every state of the art feature has to completely abandon conventional sensibilities in architecture or product design. This is true for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. No brand has excelled at the amalgamation of the best of both the worlds as Gessi Plumbing. Fixtures can be delicate to operate and yet be sturdy enough to last decades. Fanciful elements in design do not have to be a compromise on the robustness or the reliability of operation. Technology, material sciences and evolution in design have enables major players in the niche to develop products that tick all the checkboxes. Gessi Plumbing has accomplished that with each of its collections.


The sheer variety of styles, colors, sizes and uniqueness of the plumbing products and fittings makes Gessi stand out from its alternatives. You can choose the best solutions without wondering if they shall suit the settings. The products can accentuate the ambience of a bathroom, kitchen and home without having any impairing effect on how you interact with the fixtures. The products are easy to maintain and shall last decades, perhaps a lifetime.

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