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Explore Stylish Collections from Zucchetti Plumbing

Explore Stylish Collections from Zucchetti Plumbing

Modernist architecture is a little over a hundred years old. Minimalist architecture or minimalism is not the same as modernism. Minimalism is rooted in the minimalist art movement of the fifties and sixties. Modernism, as a style of architecture, has since incorporated elements and sensibilities of minimalist art. This has led to the emergence of what is widely known as modernist minimalism.

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As the transforming sensibilities influenced architects and homeowners, residential and commercial buildings underwent major changes. It was obvious for plumbing brands to be equally influenced by these sweeping transformations. Zucchetti Plumbing is one company that did not just get swayed by the changes in perceptions and sensibilities. It became a pioneer in the niche with its minimalist plumbing fittings and fixtures. The company became a market leader in the industry and is today known as one of the most innovative brands in plumbing.


The Scintillating World of Zucchetti Plumbing


Plumbing fixtures were clunky at one point in time. Sleek fittings were regarded as fragile. They were indeed less durable than their bulkier and superior alternatives. Those days are gone. Sleekness does not imply fragility any more. Minimalist designs are no longer about a lack of depth in aesthetics. The modern minimalist fittings and fixtures of Zucchetti Plumbing have unmatched aesthetic brilliance. They are elegant and fully utilitarian. They are sturdy enough to last decades. Many of their fittings can last a lifetime. The designs of the company are turning out to be timeless. The quality of materials used in their own manufacturing facilities ensures the fittings require little to no maintenance. The return on investment for their fittings and fixtures has no parallel.


Choose Zucchetti Plumbing for your New House or Home Remodeling


One of the striking features of these fittings is the seamlessness. Concealed plumbing infrastructure is no longer something new. Pipes have been concealed for many decades now. Recessed or embedded plumbing fixtures have also been around for a really long time. However, the prevalent practice did not automatically guarantee a seamless setup due to the installation of fittings and fixtures that had to be interacted with every day and several times in twenty four hours. Seamless setups have been more common in commercial buildings and premium homes. Now, they are a norm in residential properties throughout the country.


Zucchetti Plumbing products do not seem to protrude. They do not interrupt the fine lines and edges, the tone attained in a bathroom or kitchen with the paint and the different types of utilitarian and decorative artifacts. These fixtures play a complementing role. Whatever contrast exists due to the difference in material or hue is an accentuating factor, not an abrupt mismatch.


The other noteworthy attribute of these products is their universality. The fittings are appropriate for any type of setting. Whether it is a standalone house with one or more levels, a studio apartment or a condominium, a residential building or a commercial property, a hotel or a resort, a spa or a yacht, the fittings are truly universal in their application.


There are collections for bathrooms and outdoor installations. Each and every component that you may need for your bathroom, kitchen, utility area, outdoor pool and deck is available in abundant designs and styles at Zucchetti. All you have to do is explore the collections and choose the perfect pieces for your home, office or any other type of property you own. In addition to durability, maintenance or the lack of it is a major criterion for most homeowners. Zucchetti products are designed and manufactured in a manner to minimize maintenance to almost a non-requisite.

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    Opt for Uniqueness with Linvisibile Flush Italian Doors

    Linvisible Doors

    Doors are an essential component in every type of construction. Residences, offices, industrial and commercial properties, public buildings and spaces, doors are needed everywhere but they do not have to be bland from an aesthetic perspective. Doors have to be functional. They must be sufficiently sturdy to withstand considerable force. Many prefer fire resistant doors. It is not uncommon these days for doors to have some state of the art features. Keyless entry or keycard access systems demand special features in doors. There may be other requirements as well.


    Linvisibile Flush Italian Doors are a Class Apart


    Heritage properties tend to have doors that become a talking point. There are very few such doors and gates one may be aware of. Most doors are not even noticed. People use doors to just get access and then shut them soon after. Any door can be a little or much more than that. This has been proven by Linvisibile flush Italian doors.


    The company designs and manufactures doors that can blend into the immediate surrounding elements, from the décor of a room to the color of the pain on the walls. These doors can actually become invisible, despite being right there and sturdily so. The objective of such doors is not to perplex people or to have family and friends search for access on their way in or out. The purpose is to make a room more elegant and seamless than it already is.

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    Most houses have functional doors. The main door may have a distinct color. The interior doors are usually just white, brown or some other color. Whether it is made of wood or a combination of different materials, most types of doors simply emulate the typical paints used in houses or sport their natural color. The visual appeal of a door can be extraordinarily different from the monotones, as has been made evident by the Italian brand.


    Types of Linvisibile Flush Italian Doors


    There is an eclectic collection of Linvisibile flush Italian doors. You may consider the Zefiro system, a concealed sliding door, pocket door or a Marechiaro designed by Giulio Cappellini. You may opt for a vertical pivot door, a hinged door, a fire resistant door or a curved hinged door. There are different types of closure systems. You may also opt for a bespoke design that can be truly unique, not just for your home but in a much broader sense.


    Every home can have a distinct aesthetic. Likewise, every room can have a different sense of elegance. Some rooms can be stunning, a few may be minimalist and one may be grand. Most homeowners normally consider décor, furniture, lighting and paint, flooring and certain types of artifacts to transform a room. Now, you must consider doors too. Linvisibile has an exclusive collection of doors, designed by specialists and manufactured entirely at their own facilities. No other company has even remotely similar doors, whether designs or functionalities. Opt for uniqueness with Linvisibile flush Italian doors.

    JL Home Projects is a proud partner of Linvisible Italian Doors, call us today to know more 561-347-7274

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      Proudly partner of Gessi Plumbing – From Italy to Boca Raton, FL USA


      We are proud to announce our new partnership with Gessi Plumbing. Gessi Plumbing has been a pioneer and one of the market leaders in this niche for over two decades now. Acknowledged worldwide for its elegant products and unmatched durability, Gessi Plumbing should be a natural choice for your new house or home remodeling. Upgrading the plumbing infrastructure is usually a quintessential requisite during renovation. Gessi Plumbing makes it easy by offering you a plethora of stunning fittings. The brand also has an exclusive home collection for kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

      Not too long ago, plumbing was entirely about functionality. Every component had to do its job and it was deemed to be a suitable product. This is no longer the case today. Most homeowners want spectacular plumbing fixtures. The faucet should not be just reliably functional. It should add to the elegance of the bathroom, kitchen and utility area. There are innumerable types of showerheads available today that can make the routine more satiating than one may imagine. From holders to tubs, mixers to mirrors, shelves to valves and hooks to hoses, every component can contribute to the aesthetics of a bathroom. Likewise, kitchens too can be truly transformed with products of Gessi Plumbing.


      Modernist designs are usually about minimalism. Distinct lines, fine edges and sharp physical characteristics have replaced the traditionalist abstracts. However, not every state of the art feature has to completely abandon conventional sensibilities in architecture or product design. This is true for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. No brand has excelled at the amalgamation of the best of both the worlds as Gessi Plumbing. Fixtures can be delicate to operate and yet be sturdy enough to last decades. Fanciful elements in design do not have to be a compromise on the robustness or the reliability of operation. Technology, material sciences and evolution in design have enables major players in the niche to develop products that tick all the checkboxes. Gessi Plumbing has accomplished that with each of its collections.


      The sheer variety of styles, colors, sizes and uniqueness of the plumbing products and fittings makes Gessi stand out from its alternatives. You can choose the best solutions without wondering if they shall suit the settings. The products can accentuate the ambience of a bathroom, kitchen and home without having any impairing effect on how you interact with the fixtures. The products are easy to maintain and shall last decades, perhaps a lifetime.

      Do you want to see more about Gessi Plumbing? Stop by at our showroom to see more 257 East Palmetto Pk Rd, Boca Raton FL 33432 or call us today (561) 347-7274

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        Choose a Stunning Italian Kitchen by Arclinea in Boca Raton

        Choose a Stunning Italian Kitchen by Arclinea in Boca Raton

        Kitchen was once upon a time just a utilitarian space. In due course of time, it became a multi-utilitarian room. Cooking is not the only purpose anymore. Kitchens have now become dining areas. Some kitchen styles are also a place for a family to just spend some quality time, while all the prepping and cooking is done. Today, kitchens are supposed to be stylish, they must possess architectural elements that can be truly described as fantastic and the approach to sorting and organizing every item has also undergone a phenomenal transformation. These are the primary reasons why you should consider a stunning Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton.


        Who is Arclinea?


        The company is an Italian brand of kitchens. It designs, manufactures fascinating kitchens and sells them throughout the world. We have partnership with Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton to offer our clients the best option in Italian kitchens in Boca Raton. You can swing by our new showroom in East Boca Raton, Florida, and marvel at the spectacular kitchens on display.

        Arclinea is headquartered in Caldogno, Italy. The company charted its course nearly a hundred years back. Silvio Fortuna Senior founded the company in 1925. It was a specialist wood workshop back then. It marked the resurgence of his family business, which was started by his great grandfather in 1816. For over three decades, Silvio worked with wood and later endorsed Swedish influences to make distinct furniture. The company made windows, doors and other types of furniture.


        The first kitchen designed and manufactured by the company was called Thea. The year was 1958 and the kitchen was made of wood. In 1963, the company manufactured Claudia, the first ever kitchen with integrated electrical appliances. This paved the way for several unprecedented designs and models.


        The popularity of Thea and Claudia was followed by Lena and Silvia. Lena came in light walnut. Silvia came in Italian walnut but with framed doors. Novia featured laminates. The consecutive success stories supported an expansion across Europe. By the seventies, Arclinea was a market leader in the continent. It made what was then referred to as the great European kitchen.


        Arclinea continued on its glorious journey with one innovation after another. The designers came up with a system that connected the rest of the house to the kitchen in a versatile manner. It came up with well-structured furnishings. The brand redefined dimensions and spaces for kitchens. They replaced walls, conceptualized walk-through units and later perfected what came to be described as an ergonomic kitchen.


        Arclinea designed the first free standing kitchens. Its designs became popular beyond Europe for their elegance by the mid-eighties. By the end of that decade, Arclinea had successfully communicated to families around Europe and beyond to regard the kitchen as the center of the house and not just a utilitarian room at any one side or some corner, figuratively of course.


        Arclinea embarked on a global expansion spree in 1986 with its project in New York City. Over the next few years, the brand collaborated with many renowned architects and revolutionized the concept of kitchen. Such collaborations gave birth to the first professional home kitchen. The model was known as Italia. It was designed by Antonio Citterio. The maverick also designed a professional traditional kitchen called Mediterranea, a light kitchen called Florida, a free standing kitchen called Artusi and all these evolutions resulted in the formation of the popular Arclinea Collection.


        Arclinea innovated again at the turn of the century, also the millennium. Convivium was designed by Antonio Citterio and manufactured by the company in their own facility. The kitchen was conceived and created for socializing. Before the decade was over, Arclinea came up with a material centric kitchen and called it Lignum ET Lapis. Then came the all-pervading kitchen called Spatia. An open air kitchen followed soon, known as Artusi Outdoor. A transversal kitchen called Gamma was introduced in 2013.


        Explore the Collection of Arclinea Italian Kitchen in Boca Raton


        Every renowned brand has an inspiring journey. Every great nation has an enticing history. The evolution of architecture in American homes is more captivating than the story of any one company or design. From the early seventeenth century to date, American homes have been styled, restyled, redefined, revolutionized and transformed in a myriad ways. The colonial houses made way for neoclassicism, shortly after the revolution. Then came the Victorian Era homes followed by the Gilded Age. Frank Lloyd Wright had a nearly nationwide influence and altered our understanding of and preferences for several aspects of architecture.

        American homes or residential architecture endorsed many influences in the past hundred years. Indian bungalows, revivalists, the neo styles, cultural influences ushered in by immigrants, modernism, native American styles, homestead influences, industrial prefabrication, role of science and the tiny house movement have led to a vast variety of designs, both aesthetic and functional. The modern kitchen is as much about function as it is about aesthetics. It is also as much about space as it is about a distinct set of attributes. You can have all these and more with an Arclinea Italian kitchen in Boca Raton.

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          Dorian Just Passed – Why Wait for Another Hurricane?


          Hurricane Dorian  has caused incredible amounts of damage so far and homeowners without hurricane impact windows and doors have seen their properties damaged.

          The storm – and its sustained 100 mph winds – have made quick work of homes in the Bahamas and beyond. Dorian has smashed windows and doors, opening up the path for severe winds and floods to enter.

          Is your home as secure as possible?

          The gigantic hurricane has already caused untold damage to the Bahamas and at least 30 people are said to have been killed by the storm.

          There is an incredible amount to learn from the tragedies brought about by Hurricane Dorian. One very important lesson is the fact that hurricane impact windows and doors are absolutely essential. Let’s take a closer look.

          Why Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Are Important?

          Thankfully for the people of Florida, Hurricane Dorian mostly left Florida behind and brushed the state. This means that homeowners within the state have evaded the destruction that has been witnessed by other communities.

          Do you have the necessary protections and infrastructure for the next hurricane, though? There will be another and while we got lucky this time, that may not be the case as hurricane season continues.

          Here’s why you should prepare your home with high-quality hurricane impact windows and doors:

          Impact windows and doors     1.  Protect your home from category five hurricanes

          This is the most obvious benefit of installing high-quality impact windows and doors. These strong windows and doors make your home basically impenetrable and they are often custom fitted for your home for extra security.

          2.   Enhance the value of your home

          Impact windows and doors are often expensive but they are worth the investment in the long-term, too. You will find that the curb appeal of your property is enhanced and future buyers will be willing to pay more for your property.

          3.  Protect against break-ins

          These windows and doors are capable of keeping out a category five hurricane – they can keep out burglars and other parties. If you are concerned about crime in your community and you want to give yourself another layer of protection, impacts windows and doors are a natural choice.

          4.  Cut down your energy bills

          Lots of homeowners in Florida have the air conditioning on in their home for the majority of the year. This can be incredibly expensive and leads to astronomical energy bills at times. Impact windows and doors can help you to maintain the desired temperature within your home and cut down your energy costs.

          Impact windows and doors are very important. We hope that you find a way to install them in your home – they really have the potential to protect your home from events like Hurricane Dorian.

          Give us a call to replace your windows and doors for impact ones JL Home Projects (561) 347-7274

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            Is it worth to build a custom home in Boca Raton

            Is it worth building a custom home?


            Your home is going to be one of the single largest investments you ever make, not only when it comes to the money spent on your property but also when it comes to the amount of time you’ll spend at home, the quality of life improvements you can enjoy in a new home, and the memories you’ll make here as well.

            A lot of people choose to purchase already built homes and many of them do so under the assumption that it is somehow less expensive to jump into one of these “ready to go” properties. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Sure, already constructed homes may be less expensive upfront (but this isn’t always the case) – but you’ll end up spending a tremendous amount of money going through the home to update it from an energy efficiency, safety, and comfort standpoint.

            On top of that, prebuilt homes are very often significantly older than 20 years of age. That means they’ve already seen plenty of wear and tear, are going to start having catastrophic failures of key components (like electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, the roof, etc.) and you’ll have to bear the brunt of all those repair and upgrade costs.

            On the flip side of things, making the decision to build your own custom home:


            • Guarantees you get the EXACT home of your dreams, with full input on every single aspect of the property
            • Guarantees you get the latest and greatest construction materials, providing a more eco-friendly, energy friendly, and efficient home (which saves money and makes it more valuable should you sell your property down the line)
            • Guarantees everything “just works” from the moment that you walk through the front door

            custom home boca raton

            … And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


            When you work with premier contractors and construction companies to build your custom home (like our services here in Boca Raton, Florida) you’ll find that the process of creating a new home from scratch – building it from the foundation up – is a lot easier and a lot less expensive than you may have been led to believe it to be.


            For more information about building your dream home, contact us at your earliest convenience! JL Home Projects 257 East Palmetto Pk Rd, Boca Raton FL 33432 Phone: 561-347-7274

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              Transform your home with an Italian kitchen

              Kitchen is the part and parcel of any house. It really does not matter whether you are living on rent or having your own luxury house but you need a kitchen there. When you talk about the styles, everyone wants his house to be a bit more innovative and different in terms of attraction and also colors.
              But somehow the modern era is updating and proceeding bringing new and innovative products into the view and seek a lot of attraction and demand. Such is the case here you can transform your home with an Italian kitchen and you may receive plenty of praise for it.

              Italian kitchen Boca Raton

              Italian styles and designs keep a significant mark almost everywhere in the world. But if you want to update and transform your house then you should watch out for the designs and styles Italy brings to the business.

              How can you make your house look stunning with Italian kitchen?
              Italy is actually known as synonymous with both style and charming beauty. Since the iconic Italian designers are working and introducing marvelous styles, here is how you can make your house look absolutely brilliant to watch.
              You can follow the Italian style of making your house attractive by bringing the effecting and stunning colors which look so bright. The textures and elements they use to make the furniture awesome is worth appreciating as well. On the other hand these iconic designers are exploring new and exciting styles to keep pace with innovation and to look the design and style like modern and fresh.

              The Italian kitchen Boca Raton is no doubt an excellent example of style, comfort and attraction. Whenever you are in search of transforming your house and give it a new look and touch, you just need to follow the Italian kitchen type of pattern.
              You may feel on the moon through their style of art for the furniture and houses. In order to make your house look different and amazing you can make up your mind to the Italian kitchen styles and designs for amazing experience.

              You will never regret this decision because everyone likes change of the environment and it is important to adopt the styles that you never did before. Italian kitchens are one of the options to change the whole environment of the house. You only live once, you should always live the life to its fullest and one of the way of doing so is styling your kitchen, because you spend most of your time there.

              Call us today for a free estimate (561) 347-7274, JL Home Projects is specialized in Italian Kitchens in Boca Raton.

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              Get your impact windows for a hurricane season free of stress

              Hurricanes can be extremely disastrous. You always look to protect your house from natural impacting elements such as the hurricane and flood and other disasters. But the first and foremost thing you should keep in your mind is that in order to protect your house from the strong winds, heavy rains or at times debris, you should always look after the impact windows and doors. Windows most often break through hurricanes and end up allowing the wind to come in. Right after when the windows break, the heavy wind coming inside can be very horrifying to the entire structure of your house. Open houses or houses with broken windows allow a great risk to step in and can be risky enough to tear apart your roof.

              The Boca Raton residents are quite familiar to hurricanes as the city is tested by it almost every year. In case of safety the impact windows Boca Raton, can plan a vital role, because the process of installation of such windows and doors can protect the residents of Boca Raton. But you can also protect yourself by working on the following steps.

              impact windows boca raton

              Considering impact resistant windows and doors can be protective:

              These windows are considered as a source of high impact windows Boca Raton. They are quite useful in disasters and can protect you from in the hurricane season. These are the types of windows which can take a lot of beating but are too strong to shatter. They can keep the wind out like the car windshields. During the hurricane season these windows get hit hard consistently but do not shatter that easily. The constantly hitting can cause a minor damage like a crack to the windows but they are still intact enough to keep the heavy rain and wind away.

              As we have already explained that there are many benefits of getting the impact windows and doors installed in your house, one of the most prominent benefit is related to the security and protection.
              Also, they bring the insurance discounts along with them which means that they are recognized by many agencies of insurance policies.
              There is no doubt that your home is the most important part of your life, because it is your biggest investment. You save half your life to build your own house, and spend most of the time of your life there. Then why you should spend that time in stress in terms of security while you can get the impact windows and doors installed.
              Your home should bring you peace and comfort and that should be your top priority. You cannot stand damage to your biggest investment of life, you should take all the precautionary measures in this regard. The impact doors and windows are one of those measures.

              For high quality impact windows and doors in Boca Raton call JL Home Projects (561) 347-7274

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              What to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen in 2018

              What to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen in 2018

              What to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen in 2018

              Remodeling any room is bound to be hard. However, when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it is even a bigger deal. In fact, your kitchen can be the hardest room in the house to remodel. Before visiting a showroom or meeting a professional, there are many other things you can do to prepare yourself when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Construction can generally be tricky. And do not forget that there are always a few trends in kitchen remodeling. It is important that you are informed in order to find the right fit that will be perfect for your kitchen. Let’s dive into some general guidelines when it comes to remodeling your kitchen along with a few trends that will make your kitchen truly up to date.


              Construction rules

              The first thing you might want to direct your attention to when remodeling your kitchen is the construction. In order to save as much money as possible, not waste space but still get your money’s worth, it is important to formulate a general plan that is both easy to explain and precise so there will not be any misunderstandings when it comes to showing a professional exactly what you want. The best way to save big on construction is to keep your current kitchen layout. When you work from the original, you can already form a mental map for construction.


              Another thing to keep in mind in kitchen remodeling is your priorities. There are things that you need right from the start for a functional kitchen while there are some things that can wait. You might want to worry about these things first:

              1. Layout, this includes the floorplan, island, and flow.
              2. Infrastructure, windows, plumbing and electrical lighting are all musts.
              3. Cabinets. Go for as much as possible with premium glides and hinges.

              Remodeling trends

              A rather practical trend regarding kitchens is the involvement of technology. Next to practicality, remodeling with the smart kitchen trend is a great way to incorporate a new futuristic touch to your kitchen. You can have technology in every function and appliance that you decide to put in your kitchen. People frequently use this in faucets, fridges, and lighting. It is not as hard or complicated as you might think. If you are working with an old kitchen you can use add-ons such as motion- equipped kitchen faucets that can sense the presence of your hands underneath it. Add-ons in kitchen remodeling can take care of almost anything. From programmed coffee makers to refrigerators that alert you when you are running low on groceries, a smart kitchen can give you a great touch to any kitchen experience.

              There are also a few trends that simply never go out of style. In fact, they are simply here to stay. You can opt for hardwood floors if you want a simple but elegant touch. But ceramic tiles that come in a lot of different designs are also a major trend. If you want something that is a bit more high-end, quartz is another trend that is well worth the money. It lasts a long time, is anti-microbial and is pretty easy to maintain. Kitchen islands have also become one of the most recent trends in kitchen remodeling. It is not something you add later on as extra. Instead, modern kitchens use the island as the hub and focal point of the whole kitchen.

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                How to hire a general contractor in Boca Raton, FL


                Remodeling a home can always be challenging if done on your own. You are most likely to invest more money and time than needed and you will probably end up with a lot of stress which is an unnecessary burden. In order to make the most out of your time and money, the best choice out there is to employ a general contractor. That way you can have professionals redesign and remodel your home to suit your needs as well as your pockets.

                general contractor boca raton

                JL Home Projects (a full interior design-build firm) may come to the rescue here and help you achieve your vision. Whether you are planning to remodel on a budget or have lots of resources, they can lead you to the finish line. Starting smart by knowing how much you want to spend on the renovations will help you immensely, so the JL Home Projects experts will help you choose the best materials for your remodeling in accordance with your budget. Starting from plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, lights, millwork, hardware, and flooring – you will be offered the best possible advice and a wide range of options to choose from.
Entire house renovations must leave nothing to be desired for so be careful in choosing the professionals that you wish to be your primary goal drivers towards achieving the perfect balance in your new home. 
The JL Home Projects is one of the best at what they do. We are a one-stop-shop remodeling and building contractor with more than 17 years of experience in Boca Raton and surrounding areas.
The company offers the following construction services:
- pre-construction services
- estimating
- permitting – execution.

                You will be able to complete an entire project with JL Home Projects for the fraction of the time you would need to invest with other companies. Our motto is ‘no job too large or too small’ so they will be able to cater to all your needs when it comes to house renovations.
Ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodeling, they offer custom-built homes and home additions as well – depending on your family’s needs and how fast your family is changing or growing. You may be in need of an office space at home, or another bedroom, a guest room – all of which are easily obtainable via the JL Home Projects. Do not fear as the JL Home Projects experts have over 17 years of experience so you will be in good hands throughout the entire project you may have envisioned – regardless of how big or small it may be.

                House renovations in Boca Raton can be expensive which is why there are numerous options to choose from, so hiring an expert to do it for you will save you money and, more importantly, the time needed to do the planning as well as the completion of the works – so don’t go through all the trouble by yourself, hire the experts to relieve you of the burden a house remodeling can yield on you.

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