Is it worth building a custom home?


Your home is going to be one of the single largest investments you ever make, not only when it comes to the money spent on your property but also when it comes to the amount of time you’ll spend at home, the quality of life improvements you can enjoy in a new home, and the memories you’ll make here as well.

A lot of people choose to purchase already built homes and many of them do so under the assumption that it is somehow less expensive to jump into one of these “ready to go” properties. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Sure, already constructed homes may be less expensive upfront (but this isn’t always the case) – but you’ll end up spending a tremendous amount of money going through the home to update it from an energy efficiency, safety, and comfort standpoint.

On top of that, prebuilt homes are very often significantly older than 20 years of age. That means they’ve already seen plenty of wear and tear, are going to start having catastrophic failures of key components (like electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, the roof, etc.) and you’ll have to bear the brunt of all those repair and upgrade costs.

On the flip side of things, making the decision to build your own custom home:


  • Guarantees you get the EXACT home of your dreams, with full input on every single aspect of the property
  • Guarantees you get the latest and greatest construction materials, providing a more eco-friendly, energy friendly, and efficient home (which saves money and makes it more valuable should you sell your property down the line)
  • Guarantees everything “just works” from the moment that you walk through the front door

custom home boca raton

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


When you work with premier contractors and construction companies to build your custom home (like our services here in Boca Raton, Florida) you’ll find that the process of creating a new home from scratch – building it from the foundation up – is a lot easier and a lot less expensive than you may have been led to believe it to be.


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