Miele Appliances in Boca Raton

With no doubt, Miele


are the highest quality providing a top class product to your home. The fine points that separate the Miele appliances from any other.

For the Miele Range, the main focus is delivering accurate, stable, gourmet cooking results – compromise is basically not an option with regards to performance. Whether it’s our wireless roast probe providing ‘correct-to-the-minute’ program countdowns, our  Master Chef menu featuring 100 easy-to-use, automatic programs or our Moisture plus overall performance offering superior humidity distribution; marvelous results are going to be accomplished.

miele appliances boca raton


Miele Range provides you entire product depth and breadth, you can decide from different size configurations (30″, 36″ and 48″) and power configurations (dual fuel, gas, electric and induction). All aligning wonderfully with Generation 6000 built-in appliances in regards to design, function and user interface Miele’s new M Touch controls really are easy-to-operate and navigate. An intelligent swipe of this very screen can rapidly lead you to your current required selection. Whether choosing an automatic Chicken program or calling up each of these Favorites, the screen with give you a pleasing visual with convenient to read touch controls.


Increasing the humidity among the oven can enhance the cooking in the most wide variety of foods: soft bread by using a shiny, flavorful crust; dinner rolls and croissants that seen from the local baker; tender meat with the use of a nicely browned crust, perfect casseroles, delicious pastries and a whole lot.

Enjoy individualized and appropriate roasting of meat, fish and poultry using the wireless roast probe, which measures the main temperature and displays the ideal time remaining. No need to monitor the cooking process and simple to operate.

The M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System enables every one of the burners going on a Miele Range or Range Top to both simmer and sear. Regular burners reaching as many as 19,000 BTUs as well as having the True Simmer burner reaching a maximum of 12,000 BTU, supplies a large variety of precision temperatures for every single recipe.

Both present in the Gourmet Center, MasterChef enables you to select from over 100 easy-to-use programs for items which can include baked foods, pizza, turkey and a lot more making preparation a pleasant task. Miele will deliver menu options that assist you little by little onto the desired oven mode and temperature in making an ideal dish. MasterChef Plus Programs feature 15 Automatic bread programs bake just like coming from a bakery, guiding you in the direction of the appropriate mode, temperature, time as well as integration of Moisture Plus to provide a terrific bread.

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