"It's so easy when you know what you're doing..."

To ensure that your New Home or Renovation Dream meets all of your expectations, we have developed a step-by-step approach to design/built structure.  This process takes you from the idea stage to cooking your first meal or taking your first bubble bath on the new project.



   075330-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m01-clear    Step One – Visualizing

  • Look through magazines, books, and visit open houses to get some ideas.  Start a note book to keep everything together. Have a family meeting to discuss the project.
  • Decide on a realistic budget for the project.
  • Contact us at 561-347-7274 in our Boca Raton location to schedule a complementary In-store appointment with our Project Designer.


   075331-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m02-clear    Step Two – Design

  • You will meet with our designer at our showroom to view and select styles, materials, textures, fixtures, cabinetry, trims, colors and more.
  • We can also custom built your cabinetry and furniture to meet your exact specifications if needed.
  • We will review and/or assist you in establishing a budget for your project.


    075332-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m03-clear      Step Three – Selection

  • Schedule In-Home complementary consultation to discuss your project, take measurements and photograph the area to be done,  so that no details are overlooked.
  • Based on your requests, our ideas and expertise, we will create a high resolution realistic 3D rendering design, draft perspectives, elevations and a floor plan for the project
  • These will allow you to visualize your new Home built or interior renovation before we start the project.
  • We will provide a review of the project design, scope and material choices to ensure accuracy before we begin.
  • We furnish a realistic financial investment for the project to avoid add-ons and other surprises before the completion of the project.


   075333-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m04-clear    Step Four – The Project

  • All products and materials will be ordered.
  • We will handle scheduling of all subcontractors.
  • The demolition and construction process starts.
  • As part of our way of work all sub-contractors clean their workspace on a daily basis; we will put down carpet runners or furniture blankets to protect the rest of your home during the construction process.
  • We carefully select and screen our subcontractors to ensure that we have the best craftsmen in our area to work on your project.
  • We provide daily on-site progress inspections and supervision of our installers during the project to ensure accuracy of design and details.
  • Our project manager  will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns and to handle unforeseen problems which may arise.


   075334-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m05-clear    Step Five – The Completion

  • All construction materials and equipment will be removed from job site.
  • Project area will have all large debris, and protective coverings removed.
  • Our project manager will conduct a final inspection of your completed project and provide a detailed final walk trhough with the client
  • Now you can and enjoy your new Home or Renovated Home, and start recommending our company to family, neighbors and friends.