"It's so easy when you know what you're doing..."

To ensure that your New Home or Renovation Dream meets all of your expectations, we have developed a step-by-step approach to design/built structure.  This process takes you from the idea stage to cooking your first meal or taking your first bubble bath on the new project.



   075330-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m01-clear    Step One – Visualization & Analisys

Every new project, no matter what the scope or scale, begins with strategic planning and an introductory consultation including property assessment and site analysis; in-depth discussion researching the client’s goals and requirements; evaluating of all existing documentation and site conditions; determining initial design scope, feasibility, style; assessing project resources, limitations and code requirements; understanding and developing the initial project schedules and budgets.

   075331-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m02-clear    Step Two – Concept and Development

  • Once the analysis, scope of work, and the preliminary ideas are established, the visual design planning begins. Design concepts are discussed, and drawings are generated for the client’s approval. The construction team determines project design details and articulates the general vision of the project. Such principles as details, scale, proportion, and color are thoughtfully considered and a full design-build concept is presented through visual illustrations; concept sketches; humanized floor plans, realistic 3-D renderings, and a complete mood board with preliminary material, furniture, textures, and color boards are prepared for client approval.

    075332-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m03-clear      Step Three – Plans and Project Documents

  • Now that the design concept is determined and approved, we begin to organize the design schedule, finalize architectural plans, construction documents, and the administrative details of the project. We determine project protocol; establish, coordinate and set up communication systems with our construction team and client through our project management software; thoughtful consideration is given to lead times and installation requirements, and resourcing and planning begin for furniture, fixtures, and finish materials. Formal design, architectural, and construction drawings are now finalized, coordinated, and completed. Lead times are established for continuity and the timeline, which may include several on-site and showroom meetings. Drawings are submitted to the municipality for permit approvals. Permits will be obtained and managed as required. Construction schedules and timelines will be generated and preparation for demolition and construction preparation will commence.

   075333-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m04-clear    Step Four – Construction, Design Oversight, and Installation

  • With all the preparation completed in step three the construction phase begins. At this point, we will have all construction and rough materials in hand to start rough work. Final procurement and design oversight services will take place. These are the key to ensuring our clients receive an experience as seamless as possible with immaculate results, and to be certain that construction is completed in conformance with building codes, contracts, and approved design and layouts. We will coordinate and conduct site inspections with city officials. Our project management team will provide daily logs through our website with pictures and relevant information about the progress of the job. Our in-house design team will be present in all phases of construction as well as the installation of furniture, finishes, and fixtures. Final installation of all interior and exterior finishes, wall textures and wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), and final staging occur in this stage. We now conduct the final walk-through with the client.

   075334-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-alphanumeric-m05-clear    Step Five – Teaching, Listening and Warranties

  • Our projects are often advanced in technology and we understand that a product you cannot operate becomes useless and frustrating. We listen to clients’ needs and provide full set-up, training, and explanations of all equipment installed including lighting systems, shade systems, networks, audio and video systems, appliances, heating and cooling systems, flooring and fabric care, furniture care, pool controls, etc. Project documentation, manuals, warranties, progress pictures, and any documents relevant to the project will be stored on our servers and a flash drive with all contents will be given to the client. We also offer cooking classes to help with the mastery of technology installed in the kitchen. This is not a joke as many clients prefer a demonstration of their new kitchen. Since we are authorized dealers of all the products and equipment we sell, we aid with any claim with manufacturers and certainly any honor construction-related warranties. You have peace of mind knowing that if there is any problem you can call JL Home Projects and we will resolve it